Where can I use Moroccan tiles in my house?


I have seen a few pictures online, and find them very attractive, but am not sure where I could use them.


Moroccon tiles are versatile in terms of their colours, patterns, and shapes amd can be used just about anywhere in the house.

Here is how moroccan tiles can be used at various places in your abode:

The first and obvious place is the kicthen backsplash.If you have a comtemporary kitchen, they can be used on the floor or on the wall, the ony tip is to choose a modern shade like butetrcup yellow or azure.

Moroccan tiles can also be used in the dining room.Just select a colour that matches the style or design of the space.

If space is an issue in your bathroom for a spa, using moroccan inspired tiles can give you the feeling of being in a spa tub.For an under-the-sea effect, use blue-tinge dtiles and add copper fittings and scones for a warm effect.You can also have an all-white bathroom with some jewel-hued tiles.

Patios are another space of the house where these tiles can be used.If space is restricted, utilise petite repeated patterns for a urban look.

If you want to give your bedroom a new look, you can use moroccan tiles on a wall in the room.

Lat bit not the least is the entryway.To add that charm to the otherwise claustrophobic area, use moroccan tiles.

A combination of all-grey or off-white wall with some bright tiles will give a new look to the space.

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