Why is custom furniture more suited for Mumbai apartments?

As I’m planning to shift to Mumbai later this year, a lot of my friends and peers have suggested me to buy custom-made furniture for my flat. Any suggestions on this?

Hello Arvind,
As someone who has been living in Mumbai for most of the life, I think the biggest constraint for us is space. With real estate prices rising every day, we try to make the most of the available space. In this aspect, custom furniture more suits our exact needs and constraints, and are thus, more economical and ergonomic.

Customized furniture always saves you space. That’s the main reason why people prefer custom furniture, especially for apartments. You can search for websites or stores online that manufacture custom furniture according to your requirements. Not only for the kitchen and living room, some websites do sell custom furniture for the pooja room also. You can find a lot of pooja mandir designs online on these sites and you can select your favorite one. Do some online research before buying custom furniture because custom furniture is little bit expensive compared to readymade furniture.