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I love accessories! Is there some way I could use them in my bedroom without going overboard? 2 May 6, 2019
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How do I choose the right tiles for my bathroom? 2 May 3, 2019
I want to buy furniture for my new apartment and I like the idea of getting metal furniture. But is it really good? As a lot of people generally prefer wood over metal. What should I know before getting metal furniture for my home? 2 January 23, 2019
I like the concept of minimalism,can you help me with some ideas for a minimalist kitchen? 2 May 2, 2019
How do I choose decor which is little curvier so that my kid does not hurt himself because of the pointed edges? 2 April 30, 2019
How can I use the limited space in my bedroom to make a seating area? 2 April 29, 2019
I'd love to use darker shades on my walls. Anything I need to be careful about when choosing the colours? 2 April 27, 2019
I haven't renovated my home since the last 6-7 years. How do I go about renovating it? Anything I need to consider before going ahead with the project? 2 April 26, 2019
How do I use upholstery in the dining area? 2 April 25, 2019
How do I add a green element to my house decor? 2 April 24, 2019
How do I use mirrors in the hallway? 2 April 23, 2019
We are thinking of moving into a sea-facing flat.Can you tell me how do I maintain such a flat and what can be the cons of having a sea-facing flat? 2 April 22, 2019
I want to make a home bar in my home but not much space available,I was thinking of using the balcony space 2 April 19, 2019
Is it necessary that the ceiling color has to be white? 2 April 18, 2019
What is the most economical way to divide a room? 2 April 17, 2019
Can you help me with some tips for environment-friendly furniture for my home? 2 April 16, 2019
Can I use white laminates for my kitchen? 2 April 15, 2019
What is the best type of lighting for the living room? 2 April 13, 2019
I want to use tie-dye curtains in my living room.Some tips please 2 April 12, 2019
Can you tell me something about velvet wall covering? 2 April 11, 2019
How do I design a clutter-free guest bedroom? 2 April 10, 2019
I really like how the japanese do up their home. Ho do I choose the furniture for my house which is inspired by Japan? 2 April 9, 2019
What type of sofa can I get for a long and narrow living room? 2 April 8, 2019
Can you help me with some unique tile patterns for my house? 2 April 6, 2019
How do I incorporate marble in my new bathroom? 2 April 5, 2019
I have heard about feature walls that are trending right now, but how do I choose one? 2 April 4, 2019
What can I do with the empty corners of my bedroom? 2 April 3, 2019
I have bought a colourful sofa for my home, where else can I keep it apart from the living room? 2 April 2, 2019
I am getting my kitchen done up and was thinking of going for handle-less kitchen cabinets, what things I should consider before? 2 April 1, 2019